Bus Pirate Arduino Shield free PCB build

Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 in builds by DP

Jay built a Bus Pirate Arduino Shield from a free PCB. This board gives the Arduino the same front-end circuity as the Bus Pirate.

If you build a free PCB we’ll send you another one! Blog about it, post a picture on Flicker, whatever – we’ll send you a coupon code for the free PCB drawer.

Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

Via the forum.

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2 Responses to “Bus Pirate Arduino Shield free PCB build”

  1. Jay Wilkinson says:

    I’ve yet to find where the code is for this. Doesn’t matter though, been busy with a real Bus Pirate. And also connecting the Arduino to a VFD that never worked with a parallel cable and PC but works fine serial and Arduino.

    I don’t have high expectations for this board. But it was a fun build. My next build will be a Bus Pirate Demo Board v.4. V.4 because I wanted individual components instead of having the simulated. After that build is when the fun begins!

  2. Mick M says:

    is this board available?
    Can I buy or win a pcb?

    I have a serial arduino that is getting dusty.
    I would like to turn it into something usefull, e.g.BP.

    Mick M

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