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    1. Exactly. I understand, that Dave made it as open source project, but can you at least tell that you
      didn’t design this one. Its exact 1 to 1 copy (except color of course).

  1. Rev: AB – Absolutely Borrowed.

    Open Source allows copying. However, it is common courtesy to acknowledge prior work of others. Especially when it is the whole freakin’ project.

  2. I was fully expecting the link to go to EEVblog, however, looking at the first link, the page is written in the first person “Here I am talking about the µCurrent in my EEVblog” – so I’m guessing that is another one of Dave’s sites – didn’t even know that it existed until now. . .

    The sourceforge link doesn’t appear to have any files on it currently. Maybe they were taken down?

    1. Dave’s AlternateZone content existed before he created I think he has ported most content over.

      1. Looks like things get cleared up below (in terms of openness, “ownership”, etc). I did notice that the site linked to looked to be an older, more diverse site – he’s got quite the range of interests! Thanks for pointing out the files were in the “code” section instead of “files” – silly me – thinking SCH would be a “file” instead of “code” :)

    2. Nope, I am not affiliated with Dave’s, I am simply a fan. Dave is the creator of the uCurrent and I really respect and think highly of him, which is why I asked him beforehand, if I could have his permission to publish the reproduced version in Kicad. He said I could as long as I acknowledged his work, which I have on the actual PCB and on the design files.

      I updated the sourceforge link to have a zip that can be downloaded. The library is separate and can be found here:

      I just want to reiterate that while the files for mine may be open, you can buy Dave’s, and he tests each one. I don’t have the tools Dave has, and so I may never be able to fully test mine.

  3. Sorry dude, this stinks.

    Can you show me where it says Dave’s design is in any way open source or free to copy? Because right now this is looking less like open source and more like a plain ripoff. What I do see is Copyright notices, Dave asserting himself as the owner of the design. You do realise that just because you have made something, that doesn’t make it your design, right?

    Do you know the ultimate irony? It isn’t even a particularly good way of measuring low currents. With a little skill and ability the designer could have achieved zero burden. How? I leave that up to the “designer”. It isn’t rocket science though.

    1. Mike,

      That’s certainly a cheap shot of a post Instead of actually putting some useful information out there. If Dave’s design could be improved, please share your thoughts, instead of saying “I’ll leave that up to the “designer”. *HEAVY SARCASM DETECTED*

      Way to be a dick. :|

  4. Regarding the open source vs. copyright discussion: if I remember correctly Dave told in one episode that in “his time” there was an understanding that designs sent to a magazine could be used freely. Dave released the uCurrent through Silicon Chip, so I think dustin-robotics is on the safe side.

    Also, it’s not an exact copy of the layout. Dave used only one layer for routing, this fellow used both. On the bottom side of the PCB he also mentions Dave ( as the designer of the circuit.

    More images and information regarding the circuit can be found at

  5. Dave has repeatedly mentioned in his blog that this is open hardware. However, it is just common courtesy to mention the source. Even more so, when the maker is selling completed units for a very reasonable fee.

    1. In fairness to the guy, he does mention on his site that it’s Dave’s design and it does have eevblog site printed on the silk screen, right next door to his own site, though it probably would have been better to put it on the ‘visible’ side.

  6. I never understood why you would need one of these (either the original or the copy) units. You just need a decent lab power supply with a sense output. Then the power supply will make up for the burden voltage of the regular multimeter. This way you use a fully fused path on your multimeter, don’t need additional gear and can use the full resolution and accuracy of your multimeter.

    1. The uCurrent measures lower than my Multi Meter will measure in current modes, regardless of burden voltage. This is due to the protected path on the multimeter. So for very small currents, this is more accurate, even if you use the sense output.

  7. For the record, I was asked if it was ok to port my design to KiCAD and I said fine, as it is open hardware.
    I in fact have the OSHW symbol on my new revision boards:
    As the previous design was done before OSHW took off, so was simply published under the age-old defacto magazine project “open” rules.
    The only difference between this design and mine, is that my layout was done in Altium, and this one in KiCAD, and the boards are a not so pretty Blue.
    And my new boards have a Platypus on them :-P
    I was a bit disappointed to see that the author had simply duplicated the design as-is, and not really improved or modified anything.
    I’d prefer any links be to my new page:


  8. Look guys Dave says on his website that if you want your own and don’t want to wait until he builds a new batch then you can just build your own. Dustin doesn’t look like he’s selling these, which would probably be legal since the designs are infact open source.

    And Dustin clearly explains this in the first paragraph. “This is Rev AB of the OpenCurrent, found on the sidebar. Design is completely open, and is a clone of Dave’s uCurrent. I wanted a uCurrent but he was always sold out, so I designed it using his circuit, then made it, as a short weekend project (Hahaha).”

    But I don’t know why he needed to change the name…µCurrent is a lovely name. :D

  9. This sucks, simple remove this copy of ucurrent.

    The author of this thing simple copied it and don’t even says that is the work of Dave Jones, and that just copied it.

    People can’t simple just look at legal issues, they also need to have moral.

    1. Hi Dave – I’m sorry we omitted these important details. I added a note and links to the PDF and your new uCurrent webpage.

  10. I’m very surprised that this has gotten so much attention. I didn’t want to really publicize this since Dave is working on selling his now, which is why I didn’t post it anywhere (except my blog, which doesn’t get very much traffic).

    I feel a little crummy that I didn’t really innovate on the project. I intended it to be a quick project to get familiar with Kicad. As Dave said, I asked him about it a few months ago and he said it was okay as long as I credited him, which I have in all of the design files, and even on the board. I take no credit for the design, I just simply wanted to make one.

    I’m sorry for all of the drama this has caused, and I wish that someday it is something that I designed and made that makes it onto


    1. I think most of the reactions were more of mother bear type instinct , honestly :) mainly becaue of the way the post presented your files and the extremely short introduction. Good luck on the v-day card.

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