PROTOTYPE PREVIEW: Bus Pirate HV programming adapter v4

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 in BP v4, Prototypes by DP

Tayken finished the Bus Pirate v4 HV programming adapter. This adapter allows a Bus Pirate v4 to program PIC microcontrollers that require high-voltage on the VPP ICSP pin (PIC 16F, 18F) to enter programming mode.

A DC-DC boost converter is driven by the Bus Pirate pulse-width modulator generates the required programming voltage. The adapter for Bus Pirate v3 uses an MC34063A dedicated boost converter chip to generate a fixed 13volt programming supply. The v4 hardware has enough extra pins to control the booster itself. This means the adapter is smaller and cheaper to manufacture. In addition the Bus Pirate can output an adjustable voltage from 5 to 13volts, so it works with new PIC chips that need only 6 or 8volts to enter programming mode.  A future version of the Bus Pirate may even integrate a similar booster circuit.

We also switched up the version numbering so the adapter for Bus Pirate v4 is also adapter v4. Future batches of the programming adapter for Bus Pirate v3 will be designated adapter v3. This should help clear up version compatibility confusion.

New stock of the Bus Pirate v3 programming adapter should be available in a few days. The adapter for Bus Pirate v4 is still a few months away.

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4 Responses to “PROTOTYPE PREVIEW: Bus Pirate HV programming adapter v4”

  1. Adam Shea says:

    This thing should also be able to do HVSP for the ATTiny chips once the software is there.

  2. FourthDr says:

    How about HV recovery for all AVR’s in general?

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