Arena PartsList free BOM management tool

Nabilt tipped us to Arena PartsList. It’s a BOM manager that’s integrated with the Octopart component database. It has neat functions like auto-fill, that automatically adds a part to your database directly from a sales page of a electronics component distributor like Farnell, Digi-Key, Mouser, etc…

Octopart just tweeted a free tool for BOM management. You can import a CSV file into a project and auto fill details using Octopart.

Their main tool is a more comprehensive product with collaboration features and stuff. They charge $79 per user per month, which includes training, tech support, upgrades, etc.

Via the forum.

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  1. Looks like a nice tool, but it seems it’s not free. The site says this:

    “Document and share BOMs for $9 a month!”
    “Sign up today and receive 90 days free!”

  2. Alright, what does “BOM” stand for? I only know it as byte-order mark and Google’s results don’t make the answer immediately obvious.

  3. Well, this would be interesting if they had a cheaper version for hobbyists. I can’t justify spending $9 a month and 90 days free doesn’t really get me anything: I’ll just put in the effort to get hooked.

    They might want to follow the path led by CADsoft Eagle — make a free/cheap version for non-professional use.

    I’d pay up to $25 a year for a tool like that.

  4. As the CTO at Arena, I’d like to clarify that Arena PartsList is free for personal use. Use this link to start the sign up process and your account will be marked as personal so you’ll never get a bill. Please feel free to forward, and send us your comments and suggestions if you try it out—the PartsList team is actively looking for feedback as they add features.To give a little background: Arena and the PartsList team have always agreed that the PartsList application should be free for personal use. But, we think Arena PartsList addresses a real problem with data collection and management during the prototype phase of a project, and $9/month subscription pricing is appropriate when the app is used in a professional, for-profit setting. As you’ve seen on our website, we’re still wrestling with the best way to communicate this. :-)

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