43oh winner: MSP430 iambic keyer

43oh, a forum dedicated to the MSP430 microcontroller, hosts a design contest. Last month we gave free PCB coupons to the winners. The winners also let us host their boards in the free PCB drawer.

This board is an iambic keyer:

On the heels of Rob’s Iambic Keyer comes N1KSN’s keyer. An iambic keyer is a telegraph key to send Morse code. It differs from other keys by having two paddles – one for dits and the other for dahs. N1KSN’s keyer utilizes the Launchpad’s Low Power Mode 3(LPM3) which means power consumpton is in the 1uA range. The entire setup in powered by a 3V lithium button cell and housed in a mint tin.

Use your coupon to pick this PCB, or any other in the free PCB drawer.

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