Small 10 mW thermogenerators available retail

This device is a tiny SMD thermogenerator that harvests heat energy to generate up to 10 milliwatts of power. Dev boards are available at Mouser for a mere $700 retail.

In case of Micropelt devices, one side is placed near the heat source and the other side has a fixed heat-sink on top of it.

The top part, as seen in the picture above, is soldered “upside-down” through a hole in a PCB. This is the hot end.

The bottom part, as seen here, is the cool end. It sits over the PCB and requires a heat-sink. Here’s what it looks like implemented.

Via Electronics-Lab.

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  1. Now this is exciting. :D !!
    I always wanted a small peltier for very low power applications, but was unable to find one.

    However, the price in mouser for the dev kit is $384.91, not $700, unless I am looking it wrong or something. :P

    1. ‘hear ya. I’m afraid of using LED bulbs outdoors for fear of having them ripped-off. Nowadays, if you can’t weld it down, it’s gone.

      1. I’m sorry about the errors. I updated it with international links instead of the localized US version. Hopefully they don’t redirect you to your local site from the international version…

  2. Ah, as usual, these TEG’s are extremely expensive compared to what you can get off ebay. $55 for such a small TEG? Oh, wait.

    Damn it, I can’t copy paste, their PDF is “secured”. Anyways, these are prototypes, this is the cost of a prototype unit, which makes much more sense as economics of scale does not come into play here. You are buying a very small quantity prototype, hence the very high prices. Hopefully when they are done they will be like a dollar each or something, hopefully.

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