Small 10 mW thermogenerators available retail

Posted on Thursday, December 29th, 2011 in parts by DP

This device is a tiny SMD thermogenerator that harvests heat energy to generate up to 10 milliwatts of power. Dev boards are available at Mouser for a mere $700 retail.

In case of Micropelt devices, one side is placed near the heat source and the other side has a fixed heat-sink on top of it.

The top part, as seen in the picture above, is soldered “upside-down” through a hole in a PCB. This is the hot end.

The bottom part, as seen here, is the cool end. It sits over the PCB and requires a heat-sink. Here’s what it looks like implemented.

Via Electronics-Lab.

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10 Responses to “Small 10 mW thermogenerators available retail”

  1. hak8or says:

    Now this is exciting. :D !!
    I always wanted a small peltier for very low power applications, but was unable to find one.

    However, the price in mouser for the dev kit is $384.91, not $700, unless I am looking it wrong or something. :P

  2. willemite says:

    the one pictured links to $637.39

  3. ewertz says:

    Monkeys can change a lot of batteries for $637.39… that is, unless they’re union monkeys.

  4. Chuckt says:

    I would be afraid of high tech thieves who knew what they were looking for.

    • ewertz says:

      ‘hear ya. I’m afraid of using LED bulbs outdoors for fear of having them ripped-off. Nowadays, if you can’t weld it down, it’s gone.

  5. posje says:

    Guys, the link is wrong.
    Products are much cheaper:
    110 USD for a test kit

    • ewertz says:

      … with the two TEGs being $55 and $80.

      • Ian says:

        I’m sorry about the errors. I updated it with international links instead of the localized US version. Hopefully they don’t redirect you to your local site from the international version…

  6. Jan says:

    OK, now I only need some Plutonium pellet and I’m all set for RTG :D

  7. hak8or says:

    Ah, as usual, these TEG’s are extremely expensive compared to what you can get off ebay. $55 for such a small TEG? Oh, wait.

    Damn it, I can’t copy paste, their PDF is “secured”. Anyways, these are prototypes, this is the cost of a prototype unit, which makes much more sense as economics of scale does not come into play here. You are buying a very small quantity prototype, hence the very high prices. Hopefully when they are done they will be like a dollar each or something, hopefully.

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