Olimex PIC-KIT3 PIC microcontroller programmer

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 in programmers by DP

Olimex has another Microchip PICKIT 3 clone. It comes in a more compact package that reminds us of old parallel port DB-25 casings.

They claim it is fully compatible with the original. One difference is that it uses a single bi-color LED instead of 3 LEDs the original has.

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8 Responses to “Olimex PIC-KIT3 PIC microcontroller programmer”

  1. arhi says:

    Taking into account how invisible led’s on the original are they can’t be worse on the clone. I used lot of tools from olimex and they are high quality built, way higher quality then many original tools they cloned. I know this type of case (olimex use it a lot) and it’s way more sturdy then the original pickit3

  2. Filip says:

    I ordered one for around $30 with shipping from an official Olimex ebay seller. I think I got of cheap considering that in their price list this costs 30euro.

    *Also for anyone interested in pickit 3s. there are Sure electronics clones for about $30, and $38 for one with an added Zif addapted. I also found original pickit 3 for around $41.. all the prices are with shipping.
    I chose the olimex one simply because it was in UK, and I will get it much sooner then all the rest.

  3. JTR says:

    Sadly Olimex don’t appear to have noticed that you can get Mini-B USB connectors.

  4. Drone says:

    Steer clear of the Sure Electronics clones – more than a few people report having problems with them, bad build quality and incorrect component values.

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