Akihabara Electric Town tour roundup

Akihabara Electric Town tour roundup:

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  1. Seemingly a lost opportunity for us. Why didn’t you collect “name cards” and post contact info for these shops? Many must have Web sites, and Google Translate works pretty good these days. This post is a dupe – sort of. But I think it should be here in the round-up.

      1. Ya, many cross posts on this multiple-subject on DP Forum. Your link is good. More videos. But I wish someone in Tokyo would take the time to harvest URLs for as many of these shops as possible and then let us have at ’em.Thanks Tayken… Drone

  2. Man living close to this town is cheating! I wish I could just walk down the street and see all the components i could imagin.. but no; I have to dig through datasheet after datasheet and guess and miss 90% of them. Man that would be so sweet…

    I could wake up; think a sweet project; go to town grab everything I could possibly need for it; go home and soldier it and done… thats CHEATING..

    1. Hey, don’t forget maid cafes! After all that shopping, you need a cute maid serving you coffee of beer :)

      If you are a student (or can become a master, PhD student) apply for Monbukagakusho scholarship at Japanese Embassy. That’s how I ended up here, and I’m planning to extend my stay if possible :)

      1. >>Hey, don’t forget maid cafes!

        ugh, maid cafes.. ugh .. can’t think of anything worse. Overpriced, overrated. You can get all the stuff that is for sale in Akiba online anyhow. So much nicer than having to wade through all the people there. It’s almost as depressing going there now as it is going to one of those bars that all the Eikaiwa workers frequent.

        >>Monbukagakusho scholarship at Japanese Embassy. That’s how I ended up here,

        So that’s where my tax is going. tsk tsk.

  3. Not good – I would spend way too much $ there. I would become homeless – but I would have a huge microcontrolled shopping cart and fully automated cardboard box to live in.

  4. I enjoyed living in japan for 7 years. All of it in the Kanto-plain. Of the foods and everything else I miss. Being able to take the trains up to Akihabara about once a month to go shopping for computer parts, project parts and the like. Need to find a way to get back there. ;-)

  5. Definitively, Akihabara is THE place to be. Few weeks ago, I spent an whole day in visiting this place.
    It’s amazing to see so many different shops, so many things available immediately at very good prices.
    No newark, no digi-key, no mouser: Just go to the shop and buy it !

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