Raspberry Pi PCBs

Drone writes:

The Raspberry Pi production PCB’s have arrived. Look at the comparison to an actual credit-card; and those tiny yet crowded BGA footprints. It is amazing how the BGA parts are actually solderable – and with high yield!

Read more about the Raspberry Pi dev board and the availability of these PCBs at the Raspberry Pi website.

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  1. Lack of onboard ADC means an opportunity to use the device of your choice on an I2C bus. For example, the Microchip MCP3021, a 10 bit ADC in a SOT23-5 package. Or the MCP3424 is pretty nice; 4 channels, up to 18 bits of resolution. Or you could connect a high-speed ADC though SPI, etc.

  2. To be clear, “solderable” does not mean that Raspberry Pi boards are available to the public as bare boards for hand soldering. On their web site, they can to quell concerns from users that they would have to solder these BGA for themselves. In actuality, they’re only showing the bare PCB as evidence of their progress so far.

    P.S. Onboard ADC is generally less accurate than external I2C because of all the noise inside the overclocked processor.

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