Arduino Morse Code generator

Denver writes that he has created a Morse Code generator, and posted a tutorial in my blog about how it is done.

His tutorial begins with an explanation of how Morse Code is organized and proceeds to explain the process of writing an Arduino sketch to produce the sequences of “dits” and “dahs” corresponding to various characters. Rather than spoonfeeding readers with a completely prewritten download of the source code, this tutorial explains the process of writing the Arduino program and provides examples inspiring the reader to expand on them. The only hardware needed in addition to the Arduino is a speaker and hookup wire.

If you’re an Amateur Radio operator and want to learn the Morse Code for advanced frequency privileges, or an Arduino newbie and want to learn dev concepts by doing a simple yet interesting project, check out Denver’s tutorial.

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  1. Good tutorial on an important digital mode of communication.
    For clarification, in the United States, there is no longer a requirement to demonstrate Morse Code proficiency to obtain ANY amateur license class including General & Extra. This requirement was dropped by the FCC in 2007. Having said that, I believe that it is a very valuable skill to possess. I passed my FCC morse code proficiency exam back in the ’80s when it was still required and am very glad that I put the effort into learning it.
    73 ( Amateur Greetings ), David
    KC4CSW Amateur Extra

  2. I downloaded the code from the site for: MorseCodeGenerator. It tells me there is an error in compiling. I can only agree! It show a huge amount of errors relating to the .cpp file. Wow! how would I ever figure that out? It is downloaded from the web site and is really a mess to figure out.

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