nedoCPU-16: PIC16F87X breakout board

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 in dev boards by DP

Here is a breakout board for the PIC16F87X microcontrollers. It has a onboard 5V power supply, a 20MHz crystal, and a reset button, while all the IO pins have been broken out into a single row header, so its easy to interface with a breadboard.The UART and ICSP programing header have been broken out on the top of the board.

As  a bonus this board has a RS-232 level translator daughter board for easier interface with a computer serial port. The board can be built with the daughter board attached or without it.

Alexander is currently making a new redesign of the board.

Via the forum.

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  1. Shaos says:

    Thanks DP again for unexpectedly promoting my work! ;)
    I can add that this design is a public domain (unlicensed and uncopyrighted – basically it’s just a compilation of two datasheets ; ).
    This board has a simple bootloader (also public domain), so it can be programmed through serial port without PICKit or any other ICSP equipment.
    Bootloader PDBLv1 ( see ) has commands to read from and write to FLASH program memory, EEPROM memory and registers.
    Also a number of subprograms from this bootloader are available for use from the user program (see for available API) – user even can invoke the bootloader by some special condition during normal work of its program in order to manually inspect memory of the MCU (sometimes it could be very handy).
    Any comments? ;)

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