Matchstiq SDR transceiver

Drone writes to inform us of a new SDR:

Here is an interesting new handheld SDR transceiver called Matchstiq from Epiq solutions. 300MHz to 3.8GHz. I sure would like to know how they’re implementing the configurable suboctave RF filters. There is on-board CPU, DSP, and Xilinx Spartan FPGA. Noise figure at 8dB is nothing to write home about. 12 bit A/D with no dynamic range or noise specs. Intercept point and compression level are not specified (suspicious). The synthesizer specs are sketchy. It does use a TCVCXO, but it seems they are not disciplining it with the on-board GPS receiver (why?). One source reports these are going to ship in December 2011 for $4,500.00 USD each (yes, that’s not a typo, US$4.5k).

You can download the Matchstiq product brief PDF from the Epiq Solutions site. We note that the Matchstiq’s capability of working standalone such as in a UAV, connected to your Android host device over either WiFi or Bluetooth or via USB 2.0 to your PC.

Via the contact form.

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