Soldering the Bus Pirate demo board v5

Watch us solder the Bus Pirate demo board v5.

The simple process of making a demo board for the Bus Pirate turned out to be far more complicated then we expected. Previous versions used many different chips and turned out to be more expensive then the Bus Pirate itself.

For version 5 Sjaak came up with the idea to use a single low-cost microcontroller, a PIC16F1829, to emulate a bunch of devices over various protocols. The protocol and device mode are selected via jumpers.

By selecting jumpers in the DEVICE header, you can chose which function the demo board will perform. The options available are analog-to-digital converter, digital-to-analog converter, memory chip, and PWM output.

By selecting jumpers in the PROTOCOL header, you can chose the protocol. I2C, SPI, UART, and one we haven’t decided yet.

  • Voltages are measured by an analog to digital converter connected to the ANALOG header
  • The a digital to analog converter outputs 32 different voltage levels to the ADC pin of the Bus Pirate
  • Memory mode emulates an EEPROM chip
  • If you want to check out Bus Pirate’s frequency measurement, the PWM mode outputs a PWM signal to the AUX pin of the Bus Pirate header

Prototype PCBs are available in the free PCB drawer. Follow our development in the demo board project log in the forum.

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  1. That was great! What is the trick with the solderwick — It’s purpose and how to preform it?

    It was fun to hear your voice! :)


    1. Just the solder wick in general? I glob on too much solder and use the 2ick (and extra flux) to soak up the extra.

      1. Dear Ian,

        I know what it does.

        I noticed you used it all the time (something I only do occationally), so I thought perhaps there is something I could learn from using it more frequently.

        Kind regars,

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