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  1. Some essential information you omitted form the article: The board costs €22 at It runs openwrt, the open wifi router linux distribution.

    Looks like a very interesting little device.

  2. It took, about 14 days until delivery.
    And it´s really a complete Linux-Machine
    at a small from factor.
    It´s really easy to flash. Connect via RS232 to the
    Dev-Board, upload an image via tftp and youre done.
    But never ever try to upload a new bootloader.
    After I did, it was sort of bricked. Ok, my fault.
    Does any of you know, how to flash a working uBoot
    to this device. I got a Buspirate and some spare time
    to resurect it. Jtag, SPI ? Any ideas ?

  3. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now. The Carambola is truly tiny and the OpenWrt package management system is very cool. It just needs a lot more people contributing and showing their projects, so go out and buy one now!

    I’ve written a bit about Carambola in comparison with the Arduino on my website:

  4. Hi, I am considering to buy one of these guys. Is it possible to plug in a USB keyboard and use it as an input?

    1. Yes, it has full USB Host support. You can attach any USB Hardware you can get drivers for (like Mouse, Keyboard, Webcams, USB HDD, 3G Stick, bluetooth, etc.)

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