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Manuel writes to inform us of the DesignSpark ChipKIT Challenge. According to the contest page, “[p]articipants in this competition must use Microchip’s chipKIT Max32 development board to design an energy-efficient and eco-friendly device. Entries must include an extension card developed using DesignSpark’s PCB tools, should compile using Microchip’s MPLAB IDE software and will be judged on their level of energy efficiency and quality of the extension card’s PCB design.” There are $10,000 in cash and prizes listed.

The challenge is making 1000 chipKIT boards available for contest entrants, so register beginning November 28. You can view the official rules at the DesignSpark site. Deadline for submissions is March 27, 2012, but we suspect the supply of free dev boards will disappear quickly.

Via the contact form.

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  1. I was going to make some commentary on this challenge. They could only come up with $2000 to sponsor huge, major pieces of software that they failed to deliver themselves as promised. We heard all manner of ‘Microchip is poor’, bad quarter (google it, not true), etc. Now here they are, $10,000 for a design contest. It’s clear where the priorities are.

    1. Five, maybe Ten years before the whole open source movement and community is just one big shit fight because those with $$$ to seduce and $$$ to make got to make all the rules…

  2. So far, I am very disappointed with the communication/support and functionality of the DesignSpark community website.

    I entered the contest a couple of weeks ago, and have not received any confirmation email or message(s) to confirm this. The “My Projects” page is empty. I am not as interested in the free shwag, as the challenge of working on a cool new design. I am reluctant to start, and to invest my time and expertise into something which is – to date – not confirmed.

    The community appears to be very loosely knit, and there appears to be only one guy (I do feel bad for him) who attempts to officially respond to inquiries regarding the contest and to judge contest entries. Wow!

    Anyone out there have any thoughts or experiences to share?

  3. Earlier in November I also tried registering & it just went in loop from one page to another & back to the same page.

    I finally called it off.

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