HAKKO 907 and compatible soldering iron pencils

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 in tools by DP

Arhi posted a roundup of HAKKO 907 (machine translation) soldering irons and compatible clones that are used with HAKKO 937 soldering stations.

Hakko 907 replacement soldering irons are high quality and relatively cheap irons, and there are many compatible clones on the market. Arhi says there is only a slight build quality difference between the original and it’s clones, and they all work perfectly.

All of them use the same ceramic heating element with a PTC temperature sensor. He provided a pin-out for the original and the clones he could get his hands on. He also made a resistance to temperature table based off a clone he used for the measurement, but asks for your assistance checking his measurements if you have access to a original Hakko soldering station.

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4 Responses to “HAKKO 907 and compatible soldering iron pencils”

  1. Joe Desbonnet says:

    That was useful. I have a ToolCraft ST-100A (ordered from and while they were able to give me their own catalog codes for replacement tips, I could never figure out what major brand those tips were compatible with…. they look identical to the Hakko.

  2. arhi says:

    ToolCraft is also a HAKKO clone :D .. Not sure if the pinout is same but everything else should be… Note that there are different tips for 907 and 908 iron. 908 is 80-100W and can handle tips with bit more thermal mass then 907 that is only 50W

    • bob says:

      do you no the pin out for a hakko 472? i want to use the 907 iron with this unit i no the pin out is different. best regards,al.

  3. Titus says:

    We’re can I ve 6pin Aoyue 968a soldering part

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