Open 7400 Logic Competition: Only two days left to enter!

Reminder to all those interested in entering their projects into our Open 7400 Logic Competition: You only have two days left to send your entry in.


Entries can be posted on in our forum, on your personal blog, or even a handy how-to site like Instructables. When you’re ready, please submit a link to your project via the contact form.


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  1. Hi Ian,

    I had the same issue with Snorre Vestil. I’ve submitted my design yesterday, but didn’t have any confirmation. I’ve resubmitted it again through the contact form (I thought that it was not received). I hope I can join the contest with my design



    1. Lynn was out yesterday, and I was traveling internationally, some replies have not been sent. We’re catching up today. We’ll post a complete roundup soon, if yours isn’t there please hit us up over the contact form and we’ll get stuff in order.

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