How-to use surface mount parts with a breadboard

Pppd shared a tip for using surface mount parts with a breadboard, mount them on 0.1″ pin header:

Also, I’m probably not the first one to do it this way… but if you don’t like through-hole parts just as much as I hate them you may want to use surface mount resistors, capacitors or even transistors on your bread board circuits. There’s an easy way to do that, just use the pin headers and solder the 1206/0805 parts to them

Via the forum.

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  1. These square header pins are typically too large for repeated use with a plug-protoboard. They will eventually open the pin spacing up too far. I found some 0.1″ break-away headers with round machined sockets and pins that work much better, but they’re not cheap (I don’t have a part number, found them in a Junk bin in Sim Lim Square in Singapore). So what I do, is solder some solid wire to the SMT part and plug the wires into the header socket, the header pins then plug into the protoboard. Now the breakaway sockets are reusable for this purpose, and I toss the part with the wires solder to it into a bag for reuse later.

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