Updates on the PiratePICloader

robots has some new updates on the PiratePICloader project:

I have just committed HUGE changes to the piratepicloader. (HUGE = svn diff was about 2000 lines) Changes are:

  • new data loader (fixed bug in hex file generator)
  • new memory storage (memory.[hc]), by using simple link-list, and memory cells of size of flash page
  • redesigned pic/family/protocol tables to be effective and easier to maintain
  • redesigned iface interface to be less generic, and to create less compile time warnings :-)
  • created common functions for flash reading and writing (these should be used instead of those “protocol” specific hacked ones :-) )
  • created function to preserve fuses, between full memory erase – this is going to need some option on command line.

Via the forum.

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