Final universal soldering iron driver update

arhi posted the final update on his universal soldering pencil driver:

This is I think “final” version of this design. Not much to be done here (except change the mcu and then push more functionality to it). It works, the Solomon handle works perfectly (Ktype thermocuple sensor) and the HAKKO (ptc sensor) works satisfactory (I’m not sure the offset and slope values are correct as I’m unable to measure temperature of the tip reliably in 200-400C range).

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  1. This design I only tested on old (v2) version of PCB that had some issues (missing the chopper, was the basic problem on it) and I have few more pcb’s that I can send out. I’m using those old pcb’s for the 16F690 version and do not actually plan to fab this final version at all. (I fabbed a small chopper on separate board and connected instead of 7805 hence solved the problem with v2.0)

    Attm I started version with 18F2550 as the 16F690 version does not have enough flash for proper PID control (it’s running on/off with hysteresis pretty nicely but 18F2550 is a cheap device too); so I assume next pcb I send to be manufactured will be 18F2550. I will send half of the boards to Ian so he can add them to the pcb bin :) when they arrive from SEEED :) (I don’t use itead as attm they only have paypal and no way of payment with creditcards but the 12 boards concept they introduced is very interesting)

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