Run unsigned code on the XBOX360

There’s a new exploit to run unsigned code on the XBOX360. Presumably Linux.

Looks like the haxxors have fund a method for hacking the XBOX360 via glitching. They slow down the CPU and send a slower than required reset pulse. Then, about 25% of the times it glitches and loads a modified bootloader which gives access to the system and lets it load unsigned code.

A Digilent XC2C64A CPLD development board is used in the hack. erdabyz asks in the forum if our own version of the board would attract XBOX hackers. It seems it did, the CoolRunner-II sold out over night.

We don’t know anything about the XBOX and can’t help with this hack. With open source alternatives and sane intellectual property laws hacks wouldn’t be needed. Please respect your local IP laws they protect open source too, yada, yada, yada.

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  1. Just wait untill they find out about the buspirate and busblaster.. :)

    Some extra sales won’t hurt a bit, but I kinda fear the people that will flood our forum.

      1. I don’t know if this holds true for CPLD’s, but when you erase a flash memory the bits are all set to 1, not to 0 xD. So better change your policy about refunds…

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