EagleUP brings PCBs to Google Sketchup

Posted on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 in software by Ian

EagleUp is a new way to render Eagle PCBs in 3D. It integrates with Google Sketchup so it’s possible to design cases around the PCB model:

version 4 has been released. Most of the import and export procedures have been automatized to simplify the process, so that you can focus in design, and not in the conversion 2D/3D.

With the version 4, you export from Eagle in 2 clicks, and import into sketchup in 3 clicks. No more tiring image creation and manual import necessary. Give it a try !

Eagle 3D is another way to make 3D board renderings, and it works for non-Windows users too.

Thanks octal. Via the forum.

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6 Responses to “EagleUP brings PCBs to Google Sketchup”

  1. octal says:

    ian, Sketchup is available for Windows and MAC OS/X users. So eagle3D is the only solution for Linux users only ;)
    anyway, Eagle3D is the only OPEN SOURCE solution, this is really cool to have hand on the entire production solution.

  2. octal says:

    just as a remark for future (NON US) users:
    Just for information, I’m using Win7Ultimate French version, the decimal separator is ‘,’ (comma), and even by changing the eagleUp_import.rb file

    # Define decimal separator (can be . or ,)

    to use comma instead of dot, when importing in sketchup, it creates board images (in png…) but it never opened anything in 3D.
    I had to change the windows decimal separator to dot (.) to make everything work as expected.

  3. ricros says:

    Works great in here (thanks for the tip octal), it looks a lot better than eagle3d, the bad thing is that there are only an hand full of components available

  4. Couldn’t get it to work. Kept complaining about coordinates being out of bound on my boards.
    Not sure what’s its problem, gonna try and figure it out tomorrow.

  5. Anil Jangra says:

    I used Eagle 3d few time but was never able to get the output i expected as the parts rendered differently, i must be missing something !

  6. Jerome says:

    Version 4.2 has been released. It simplifies the configuration and detects wrong settings so that it’s much more reliable.
    It should be more stable on OS X platform as well.
    More info :

    Concerning the parts, there are a few tutorial on the blog explaining how to import and export in mechanical formats. Useful for connectors and other big parts.
    The warehouse is extending, slowly. You can always send in your own parts ;-)

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