Resistor divider calculator

Ultrasounder shared a resistor divider calculator spreadsheet:

Don’t we all have had frustrations galore when we were trying to fine tune the resistor divider for our voltage feedback on PS and LODs? Well, my good friend Art Nace came up with this wonderful tool to calculate the best fit values for the resistors for dividers. It even lets you specify voltage tolerances over temp. give it a try and let me know what you think?

Thanks Ultrasounder! Via the forum.

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  1. There’s a decent online calculator for voltage dividers available at

    For the resistor series E12,E24,E48 and E96 it chooses the pair that matches your required resistor ratio the best. Plus, it gives you the 5 ring color code of the resistors.

    Many circuit designers choose E96 resistors because finding an E24 pair that does the job takes some time. That tool does it in a second or so …

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