Infrared Toy v2 with IRscope2

JTR posted an alternate firmware for the Infrared Toy v2 that works with the IR widget client:

As you can see I have a working “IR widget” mode going with the IR TOY 2. This uses the QSE159 raw IR detector so it is only for the IR TOY 2. The other IR widget mode “remote control” uses the IR demodulator (TSOP34838) found on both the IR TOY 1&2 however I am not sure if I will persist with adding this mode. I am open to feedback on this issue. Have your say and quickly too as I really have to move on with this.

The software app for the IR widget mode is called IRScope V2 and is available from here

This firmware is running JTR’s latest open source USB stack for PIC microcontrollers, your feedback is appreciated. Test the new firmware using the normal bootloader procedure.

Via the forum.

You can get IR Toy v2 for $22.05, including world wide shipping.

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