Testing MPLABX and Open Bench Logic Analyzer (part-1)

Oakkar7 is a fan of PIC microcontrollers and the MPLABX IDE who recently received his new Open Bench Logic Sniffer. He wanted to create a project to test both MPLABX and OBLS.

He writes:

The idea is simple. To create an 8bits signal generator with PIC. The software project is developed by MPLABX and target hardware is PIC16F628A. I used this PIC because it is cheap and fast (20MHz clock) in low end controllers series.

This should be a good beginners project illustrating important concepts in using MPLABX and the Logic Analyzer. You can read the step by step details on Part 1 of this project (installing MPLABX and programming the PIC) at oakkar7’s blog. Part 2, testing with the OBLS, is forthcoming.

Via the contact form.

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