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bearmos shared a tip for free Digikey shipping in the US and Canada:

Here’s how to get it:
1. Add items into your shopping cart like you normally would (make sure you’re logged in when doing this). 2. Print it out.
3. Write a check for the total + tax in your area.
4. Snail Mail your order to them with the check (you’ll pay for the stamp).
5. When your order is received, you’ll get it via ground shipping, no charge.

This is actually in their terms:
6…* When a check or money order accompanies your order, Digi-Key pays all shipping and insurance (our choice for method of shipping) to all addresses in the U.S. and Canada.

Thanks bearmos! Via the forum.

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  1. Thats pretty cool, I wonder how many people do it though, I mean going the post office/box is too much work in this day and age of click, click, click ;)

  2. Mouser ship free (Fedex I think) to Europe for orders of €75 or more. And they take care of all the duty/customs hassles going from US to EU. That’s a big selling point for me.

  3. Digikey also has free shipping by airmail for orders over 65€ (much faster than mouser for me to Finland, order on monday->parts on hand at wednesday at least for the last 4 orders I have made, mouser took almost week to arrive) and the VAT you have to pay simply to dhl which takes care of all the other stuff so its only one step more than mouser which takes it straight from the order. It’s annoying that both don’t carry all the nice parts so I sometimes have to order from both.

  4. Digikey seems to be considerably more expensive than mouser in small quantities, but their shipping is generally better (especially given this) and their website is *vastly* superior. Mouser’s website drives me crazy sometimes. You have to ‘drill down’ through categories that often are vague before doing parametric entry, so it’s hard to know if you’re missing out on parts that you want to be seeing.

    I hate to admit but often I use digikey for finding parts that I ultimately order from mouser, on my last project I probably saved $40 using mouser, the price difference can be over 20-30%!

    1. echo “I hate to admit but often I use digikey for finding parts that I ultimately order from Mouser” | sed ‘s/Mouser/Avnet,Arrow,Future,Jameco/g’

      My own experience is that the price difference between Mouser and Digikey is a who-cares. The bigger differences can be found by going to other than Digikey/Mouser.

      I Digikey’s search engine, selection and reliability, but generally Digikey’s pricing. There just isn’t a one-stop shop if you value a buck, though. Your time really, really has to be worth money to only buy through them, unfortunately.

    2. I think mouser is cheapest for the stuff I regularly buy in the quantities I use, every one is different though. I also think Mouser’s site is annoying at times. The categories make you think you miss things, so I often have to check them all only to find the same parts cross-listed.

  5. After doing a search on Digikey for the relays, the price difference was about $0.18 each. Throw in the free shipping, it was a no brainer.

    Only talking about a $4.20 order though. Still cheaper than Radio Crap. For their price for one at RC, I got 3. 2 for the project and 1 as a spare.
    As for the ease of finding the parts, it was about the same.

    This comment thread has saved me $$. Even if only a few dollars. Maybe my wife will stop bugging me about D P on my alerts.

  6. Why would Digi-Key offer free shipping on orders via mail with an enclosed check and not for orders online? Yes I understand an order via snail mail has no good option to “pre-know” the shipping costs, but the cost to Digi-Key is the same no matter how the order comes in. In-fact that’s not true – the cost to Digi-Key for the snail mail order is likely much HIGHER because a human has to interact with the paper letter!

    I’m sure this has nothing to do with the payment method. A paper check is far less secure than an electronic transaction such as PayPal or a credit card. But a money order on the other-hand is a payment guarantee.

    This makes no sense. Digi-Key should offer free US/Canada shipping (their choice of method), no matter how the order comes in, online or otherwise.

    1. Credit card transaction fees.

      On top of that, transaction fees are proportional to charged amount. Check expenses are essentially flat regardless of cost. Actual shipping cost per item goes down as you order more items.

      that, and it’s highly unlikely someone mailing a check is going to call up screaming an yelling because they didn’t get a tracking number within 45 seconds of placing an online order.

  7. I live in Canada and because of that I am directed to the CA site.. and it looks like we’re different..

    6. Payment. Digi-Key offers the following payment methods for Canadian currency customers: by cheque, money order, MasterCard, VISA, American Express or prepaid by wire transfer as well as open account credit to qualified institutions and businesses. Payment must be made in the currency in which the order was placed. C.O.D. terms are not available in Canada.

    Credit Application. To obtain a credit application for open account credit, contact any sales representative at 1-800-344-4539 or 218-681-6674 or by fax to 218-681-3380. Or, you may download a credit application. Please allow sufficient time for the credit application process. To avoid delay on your initial order you may elect an alternative payment method.

    7. Shipping Charges. Click here to see if your purchase will qualify for free shipping. To the extent your purchase does not qualify for free shipping, shipping charges are prepaid by Digi-Key and added to the invoice. All sales are made FOB Digi-Key’s warehouse in Thief River Falls, MN, USA and any applicable shipping charges are from such location. Availability of ship methods is dependent on the destination country. Shipments of excessive weight or size may require additional charges. Digi-Key will notify you prior to shipment if these conditions exist.

    Looks like this won’t work..


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