Alternative Logic Sniffer client v0.9.4

Jawi just released version 0.9.4 of the forked SUMP logic analyzer client that works with the Logic Sniffer, Bus Pirate, IR Toy, etc.

See topic starter post and/or the client’s home page for direct download URLs. The list of bugs solved in the final version is mostly the same to the latest RC.

Major highlights for this version are: the support for the original SUMP hardware, better support for alternative SUMP-implementations, like BusPirate, LogicShrimp and IRToy; the possibility to add your own SUMP-compatible device; the release of an API package (see OLS wiki), and many, many bug fixes/improvements:

  • #4, VCD exports ignore selected channel groups
  • #5, Verify frequency measurement with RLE captures
  • #6, support OLS-device profiles for BP, regular OLS and SUMP
  • #30, Add icon to window/application
  • #31, 200MHz capture fails halfway
  • #32, Add warning message about highest channel icw RLE
  • #33, when RLE is enabled the first value rendered is always low
  • #34, Is it possible to disable DTR when opening the serial
  • #36, ‘felix-cache’ created in working directory
  • #37, No menu entry for ‘capture’ functions
  • #43, Preferences in Edit/Preferences dialog are not saved
  • #47, Stop button now always enabled
  • #50, RLE channel group issue with 0.9.4-b1
  • #51, I2C decoder produces invalid address
  • #54, Add “Jump to Marker” buttons for remaining cursors
  • #56, Stop button not working correctly
  • #57, 200MHz 8 bit capture incorrect if upper channel groups selected
  • #58, 24 bit capture set incorrect memory size with auto
  • #60, (UART analyser) settings are not retained when dialog closed
  • #62, Open existing project “current project has changed” dialog inverted
  • #65, Release API for developing client extensions/add ons

Thanks to everybody for testing this and providing me with feedback!

Work on the 0.9.5 is already started…

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