Max V CPLD development kit

The Altera Max V Development Kit is designed around the MAX V CPLD (5M570Z, 256-pin FBGA, -5 speed). The board features two general-purpose 2×20-pin 0.1-inch expansion headers, a 4-pin PC speaker header, two 6-pin motor control headers, a Type B USB connector (power source and communication port) with cable. The board has footprints for the user to install an I2C serial EEPROM or SPI EEPROM. The kit includes several design examples, and programs via the Quartus® II Web Edition design software.

You can get complete information from Altera’s online documentation.

The Max V dev kit is available for $74.95 from Altera.

Check out this review in Design News.

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  1. Does the MAX V have a 100 cycle specified write lifespan like the MAX 3000A/7000A CPLDs?

  2. Per the product summary, the Max V is good for up to 1000 read/write cycles.

  3. @machinegeek, Hmmm… 1000 is much better than 100, but still pretty lame. Thanks for looking it up – my lovely laziness is on exhibition.

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