Free PCB drawer and unlimited free PCBs

Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 in Free PCBs, kit biz, PCBs by Ian

Free PCB recipients can now pick their own board from the new free PCB drawer! The drawer is full of scrap PCBs: extras from our projects, abandoned prototypes, and new experimental designs still in development. Until recently we had no idea what was in the PCB drawer, now everyone can check availability online. You can choose any PCB you like and checkout with a coupon code.

A shop setup should speed up the free PCB processing. The address format is standardized and ready to print on a label. Some hassles with the Twitter giveaway should be resolved. We also get to experiment with an online store, without the pressure of handling money.

Head over and peruse the free PCB drawer, then get a coupon code in one of our three weekly giveaways:

  • Free PCB Sunday. The classic. Every week, right here on the blog
  • Tweet-a-PCB Tuesday. Follow us and get boards in 144 characters or less (later today!)
  • Facebook PCB Friday. Free PCBs while you wait for the weekend

We’re thrilled when someone builds a board. Blog it or post pictures on Flicker, and we’ll give you another code for the free PCB drawer. It’s like a free PCB subscription!

Thank you to everyone who helped test the shop last week.

Free PCBs are made possible by your purchases at Seeed Studio and the Seeed Studio Fusion PCB service. Thanks for your support!

This stuff is always accompanied by conditions and a disclaimer, so here we go:

  1. This isn’t a contest or raffle, we’re just giving away our scrap PCBs first come first serve
  2. There’s no cash value and coupons are good for a week
  3. We’ll keep doing it while we’ve got PCBs and stamps, but we might stop at any time
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13 Responses to “Free PCB drawer and unlimited free PCBs”

  1. Stephalein says:

    I want!!!

  2. GWDeveloper says:

    Thanks for the pic usb backpack. Parts are on the way for assembly.

  3. pr0cjon says:

    That is really great idea! :)

  4. Kevin Groce says:

    I get an error…

    Payment Method
    Sorry, we are not accepting payments from your regio

  5. Kevin Groce says:

    Sorry, we are not accepting payments from your region at this time.
    Please contact us for alternate arrangements.

    Sorry got clipped.

    • Ian says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I’m sorry, we’re not setup for sales. This is just for free PCBs using a coupon code. We’ll give a few away on Twitter tonight, and 2 other times every week.

  6. Kevin Groce says:

    Oh, I need a dope slap. I ams ooo sorry I looked at the blog post wrong. :D Note to self is not to read and get excited about getting a free POV Toy board before morning coffee :D

  7. Travis says:

    Would it be possible to make the coupons you get last more than a week? I noticed some of the boards take 2 coupons and this way you could “save” up even if you were busy that week.

  8. kmmankad says:

    No Twitter Tuesday?

  9. Megabug says:

    Nice idea… Maybe I get one someday, too. :D

  10. Cristian says:

    Hi Ian, how can I get one Bus Blaster v2.5 or one Bus Pirate v4, I’m really interested in one of these

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