Pyro propeller clock POV

Chris from PyroElectro writes:

After having seen so many propeller clock POV videos on Youtube, but no real description of how they work or how to build your own, I set out to make one and document how it was built. The Pyro Propeller Clock POV design criteria was short and sweet: be as simple as possible in order to encourage others to make their own, DIY style.

The clock’s main components are a PIC 18F252, 74LS373 latches, and a 3800 RPM fan. (Note that “propeller” in the title comes from the rotational property of the design; the project does not use a Parallax Propeller MCU.) Checkout PyroElectro for the complete project description, including build instructions, schematic and code.

Thanks Chris! Via the contact form.

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  1. hi
    i m a beginner in embedded systems and i really appreciate all the help you are providing in developing propeller clock for beginners like us
    i am good at hardware stuff but i really wana catch up on the software side.i know you have given the c code but instead can u give me(mail me) the algo or the instructions so that i can devlop my own code.
    my email id :
    thanx for all the help till now n hope u will further help me.

  2. I need a program so that I can make my propelle clock display the time. I am a beginner and just finished building it. First time to build something like this and have no idea how to program it. Anyone out there that has a program to put it please let me know. Really would like to give this to my son for christmas.

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