SparkFun’s Shenzhen tour, part deux

SparkFun made a second trip to Shenzhen, China. Seeed Studio is located here, as well as some impressively massive electronics markets:

After checking out a handful of factories on the geek tour in 2009, it was time for me to return to China to visit some of the factories that make goods for SparkFun.

…half the trip was about meeting vendors, the other half was about geeking out and seeing how neat stuff is made.

We’re planning a trip this fall. Anyone else interested?


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  1. Its a dream of mine to go, however small issue i’m very scared of planes :(
    I keep looking in the travel agents in our towns Chinese quarter every few days, oh well maybe one day :)

  2. I been there also!
    Huachangbei. Isn’t it?
    I been there more than 10 times… While I was working in China.

    I know many factory :-)

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