STATUS UPDATE: Bus Blaster v2

We’re trying a new Monday post with status updates on new projects currently in production. This will cover project development, and gritty details like last minutes changes and production problems.

Bus Blaster v2 is going to rock! The design is so flexible and fun, we can’t believe it wasn’t the standard FT2232 JTAG debugger design already. It’s a JTAG debugger that can clone many other debuggers, and it’s an all-in-one CPLD development board. And it’s cheap!

V1 had a bunch of expensive logic chips that set the design in stone. V2 has a reprogrammable logic chip (CPLD) that can be updated on the fly. Have an app that’s only compatible with a simple JTAGkey debugger? Program the JTAGkey buffer logic. Want to try the proposed Serial Wide Debug support in OpenOCD and urJTAG? Program the KT-link buffer.

A patch that supports v2’s self-programming feature was accepted by urJTAG and will be included in the next release. Until then, we have a patched nightly compile that can be used to switch buffer logic.

The Bus Blaster v2 was first delayed when it didn’t make the last production before the Chinese Spring holiday, and further because of a last-minute PCB revision to remove the defective target present LED. Most recently it was delayed due to a driver problem on the manufacturing test computer.

Bus Blaster v2 is back on track and due any day. We’ll follow up later this week with solid details when we hear more.

Next project to drop: the CPLD development boards are listed and should be in stock tomorrow.

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    1. Actually, there is common understanding that if a circuit doesn’t light a LED, it doesn’t work.

      To that, almost all my circuits have a LED, just to really say that the firmware in the MCU hasn’t locked up, and to display general status. The best would be to include at least one led of two different colors :-)

      There’s also the WOW factor for those who don’t understand what’s going on… the board may malfunction, but if the LED is blinking, it still has some awesome factor.

      1. Yep, I know! I was being a bit silly, but not at all sarcastic. I really do love LEDs, especially lots of them! :-)

        Rereading my earlier post, I did sound somewhat sarcastic. I was going for a “dry” tone, not a sarcastic one. Oops!

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