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  1. More details on that choke? Is that “…or 10mH” ? And does that mean 10 millihenries (very large) or 10 microhenries (quite small)? And the “70 turns” would normally need associated dimensions, or if it’s really “on” a 10mH choke, we need to know WHICH 10mH choke.

  2. The design and layout looked familiar. Originally found on .

    When designs are found posted up in blogs ( and especially when there is an inconsistent schematic design), remember that other peoples work is often used. Sometimes it takes a few clicks and use of google to find the original posting.

    Now that I look at another design there is a comment on that posting “You are not adding any value by just reproducing these works. The least you could do is to acknowledge the source.

    ‘UHF on a VHF Rig’ is my original work.”

  3. hi every can i ask some question the above circuit what is the output alternating current or steel direct current

  4. Open Source Circuits are no ones work and have been around since the transistor was invented .
    posting a modified circuit that happens look like another circuit drawn by someone else need no
    mention of where is came from . furthermore the nature of the beast is if i want to modify the above circuit even further and make 1000000 circuit boards and sell them for 150 each and sell them to an investor company who has a finance company i will . in face that is exactly how an open sourced circuit can be made and sold by a different people and not even bother with patents etc….i have posted over 150 “unique” circuits over the last 5 years and have seen people take them and call them their own and make them a kit or device and make 10,000 dollars with my open sourced circuits .It is a first to run with it wins world . Just look at China . All of their little cheap electronics are works of coping
    open source work and designing it for commercialization just so we can one cheap:)

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