1.5 to 10 volt inverter

Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2011 in how-to, power supply by the machinegeek

If you need a 5 to 10 volt DC power source and only have a couple AA batteries, here’s a simple solution from CoolCircuits. It uses four transistors and a handful of passive components to produce an adjustable 5 to 10 volt output from 1.5 to 4.5 volt input.

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4 Responses to “1.5 to 10 volt inverter”

  1. WestfW says:

    More details on that choke? Is that “…or 10mH” ? And does that mean 10 millihenries (very large) or 10 microhenries (quite small)? And the “70 turns” would normally need associated dimensions, or if it’s really “on” a 10mH choke, we need to know WHICH 10mH choke.

  2. Visn says:

    The design and layout looked familiar. Originally found on .

    When designs are found posted up in blogs ( and especially when there is an inconsistent schematic design), remember that other peoples work is often used. Sometimes it takes a few clicks and use of google to find the original posting.

    Now that I look at another design there is a comment on that posting “You are not adding any value by just reproducing these works. The least you could do is to acknowledge the source.

    ‘UHF on a VHF Rig’ is my original work.”

  3. jay amor says:

    hi every can i ask some question the above circuit what is the output alternating current or steel direct current

  4. fusionchip says:

    Open Source Circuits are no ones work and have been around since the transistor was invented .
    posting a modified circuit that happens look like another circuit drawn by someone else need no
    mention of where is came from . furthermore the nature of the beast is if i want to modify the above circuit even further and make 1000000 circuit boards and sell them for 150 each and sell them to an investor company who has a finance company i will . in face that is exactly how an open sourced circuit can be made and sold by a different people and not even bother with patents etc….i have posted over 150 “unique” circuits over the last 5 years and have seen people take them and call them their own and make them a kit or device and make 10,000 dollars with my open sourced circuits .It is a first to run with it wins world . Just look at China . All of their little cheap electronics are works of coping
    open source work and designing it for commercialization just so we can one cheap:)

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