Alternative Logic Sniffer client v0.9.3

Jawi has a new version of his client for the Logic Sniffer. This supports new features in the experimental Verilog core from dogsbody.

Download it here. Here’s the major updates, see the changelog for more:

  • RLE routines are heavily updated to match the latest firmwares of rasmus and IED/dogsbody. Now supporting 8, 16, 24 and 32-bit RLE encoding schemes, as well as ‘finish now’ command (hit the stop-button for this). Special thanks to rasmus, dogsbody, DavidFrancis and ian for testing stuff
  • Use IED/dogbody’s RLE mode 1 by default
  • Mario Schrenk contributed a JTAG decoder tool
  • Added simple generic device that allows reading from Unix-pipes, FIFOs & files

And a summary of the improvements/bug fixes/other annoyances that have been fixed:

  • Several small issues fixed regarding stopping of a capture
  • Fixed device enumeration on Linux hosts
  • Added option to clear all cursors
  • Open/save dialogs now use the current working directory by default
  • Better support for projects: now includes settings, capture results, labels and so on
  • Several API cleanups, bugfixes and other minor improvements

Get a Logic Sniffer for $50, with free worldwide shipping.

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  1. What a shame… Some nasty bugs crept into this latest release, making it hard to use. I’ve released a service pack for this release that fixes the most annoying bugs…

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