AVR decapping

Posted on Thursday, January 27th, 2011 in AVR, reversed, Teardowns by the machinegeek

Here are some examples by manekinen of what can happen when an apparently high reverse voltage is applied to several AVRs.

Via Hack a Day.

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One Response to “AVR decapping”

  1. IPenguin says:

    We loved to blow up EPROMs that would refuse to erase under the UV lamp or to be programmed again … “micro explosions behind the window” (sometimes the whole chip blew apart) … 220VAC worked well.^^
    Best watched in a dark room (wear protective glasses!) … the power fuse will blow out anyway!

    WARNING: This is a rather dangerous experiment as parts of the housing, the glass plate and even the silicon may fly around like real hot shrapnel and can cause severe injuries to humans (eyes !!!!, skin etc.), animals as well as damage to objects exposed to the (micro) explosion!

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