MSP430 USB Dev Stick Giveaway

TI has a promotion giving away a limited number of the MSP430 USB Development Stick. The eZ430-F2013 is a powerful development tool that provides both the USB based programmer and F2013 development board in a small USB stick package. The flash memory can be erased and programmed in seconds with only a few keystrokes, and since the MSP430 flash is extremely low power, no external power supply is required. The tool has an integrated software environment and connects directly to the USB port of a PC which greatly simplifies the set-up and use of the tool. The flash development tool supports development with the MSP430F20xx devices.

You can order up to 3 devices and use Code EZFREE2013 on the final checkout page. Good Luck!

New to MSP430? Learn the basics on our MSP430 overview page.

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  1. I love TI. They have a great sample program. Even free to Taiwan. Of course I am a little biased since I worked for them 27 years.

  2. Just asked a group of 3 to be delivered in India! I would like to use them in a programming course on a school.

  3. It still works, I got one for free coming to NY. I still had to fill out the customs info though for some reason.

  4. damn good move from ti if you ask me..

    looks like they are taking their entry into the hobbyist market VERY seriously

    and the MSP430 is quite a frugal performer in terms of power consumption
    as kenneth finnigan demonstrated.

    i think the low power consumption MCUs is a part of their strategy to target hobbyist markets.

    just ordered two and got a nice confirmation mail from them..

    I just love TI for their samples program.

    Never got a no so far.

  5. Thanks for this post! I just ordered mine. Shipping was free to here in South Africa! I just hope that customs won’t charge me too much…

  6. Yay! At least you don’t have to sit through half a day of marketing talk to qualify for a free one like I did a few years back.

    Of course, don’t expect that they’ll be delivered any time soon; TI’s slower than a very slow thing that’s been sedated (I’m still waiting for my cheap bot from October!)

  7. Ordered up 3 here, just ordered up 3 Launchpads last week, so I guess I’ll have plenty of MSP430s to play with.

  8. Still Working. TI is still doing free shipping, which makes this especially awesome. Time: 23:52 Monday (GMT)

  9. Be careful with these programmers, I bricked more than one ez430 and eventually moved to the JTAG-FET :)

    1. Is that because they use a variable LDO. With 5% tolerance resistors your voltage can be anywhere from 3.25v to 3.85v. Seems like an oversight to power a 3.6v device with a not so exact 3.6v supply

    1. This is perfectly normal, don’t worry! I ordered a Launchpad 2 months ago and my order was in Processing status for 3-4 days, but once shipped I received it quickly (2 days for shipping from USA to UK). Yesterday I ordered the eZ430 and my order is also still in Processing status, but I expect to receive it some time next week.

  10. I ordered my launchpad in October, didnt ship till mid december… then it arrived a few days later!

    Though the Renesas kit I ordered arrived in 2.5 days – US to GB – and that was economy! I think I’d be a bit pissed if I was a 1st Class customer…

  11. Just got the Launch pad, but this would be a great portable alternative to tell if my code is working or make a new and smaller portable USB device!

  12. Note for the next time it happens : if the TI store is horribly slow for you (with multiple timeouts), try to lower your MTU settings, it works better then.
    Next time I’ll think about testing this before the code expires :/

  13. Got mine yesterday in Poland :) Forwarded from the Netherlands with DHL Express EU. That’s cool as otherwise I always had to fill some silly duty forms :)

  14. My three units finally arrived Wednesday, originating in the Netherlands, travelling via DHL to a TI facility over in Ft Worth. TI then Overnight FedEx’d a cubic foot box to my place 50-miles north of Dallas. Last time I believe their “ships in 24-48 hours” label. TI’s logistics, and I have a hard time calling it that, still can’t match the rest of the world. Yes, I’ve worked for them for quite some time. Still, they were free…

  15. I can’t understand the speed of the delivery. I received my packages about 3 days after the shipping confirmation. I didn’t wait to get Express shipping or nothing, because I am used to order from China and it takes 2-3 weeks. TI paid big bucks for my 8$ order (2 launchpads + 3 of these)! :D

  16. @asdf — TI probably did NOT pay big bucks for your $8 order. Most, if not all, companies that do a lot of shipping have “package deals” with their courier of choice. Their per package prices can be substantially less than what you or I would pay.

    @mourinho — If you had looked through the responses here you would have found out that the deal ended just days after it was aqnnounced here; sometime around the morning of Jan 5th.

  17. received my ez430 today after ordering on january 2nd. already wrote a few lines of code fading the led up and down :)

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