Flash ADCs, USB battery chargers

rsdio tipped us to some interesting parts and application notes. First up is a tutorial on fast parallel analog to digital converters:

Flash analog-to-digital converters, also known as parallel ADCs, are the fastest way to convert an analog signal to a digital signal. Flash ADCs are ideal for applications requiring very large bandwidth, but they consume more power than other ADC architectures and are generally limited to 8-bit resolution. This tutorial will discuss flash converters and compare them with other converter types.

Lots of projects draw power from the USB port, but few include rechargeable batteries. The MAX8895 might make that much easier:

…the MAX8895 [is] a linear battery charger for Bluetooth headsets and portable devices that is compatible with the USB Battery Charging Specification, Revision 1.1. The MAX8895 is uniquely equipped with automatic adapter detection for distinguishing between USB devices, USB chargers, and dedicated chargers. It also integrates a USB enumeration function that automatically negotiates with the USB host to optimize charging current without processor intervention. This capability eliminates the need for a separate microcontroller and system software, thus providing the industry’s only stand-alone charging solution.

Neat chip, but we’ll probably wait for a breakout board. The tiny WLP package doesn’t sound like something we can hand-solder.

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