Alternative Logic Sniffer client v0.8.2

Jawi released version 0.8.2 of a forked SUMP logic analyzer client for the Logic Sniffer. Change log:

  • Added support for the dynamic sample depth as supported in the 2.12 firmware. A warning is issued when trying to capture with a sample depth that is not supported;
  • Initial approach for “annotating” the captured data with the results of tool analysis. Currently only implemented for I2C;
  • Updated the “measure” tool with a possibility to measure the clock frequency of a channel;
  • Fixed the run scripts for both Windows and Linux to be location independent. Cudos to Wayoda for providing the solution;
  • Fixed an exception in the UART tool + fixed the baudrate calculation. Cudos to jone for reporting;
  • Adjusted the RLE decoding routines with the suggestions provided by rotdrop.

Don’t know what client to use? Read the logic analyzer client roundup.

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