Bus Pirate v3 case sticker

Keep your Bus Pirate pins straight with this case sticker[PDF!] designed by ecronin:

I made up a sticker for the combo of the seeed case and breakout harness, thought others might find it useful… Unlike in the above picture, I connect the cable with Black to GND, which puts the two EZHook-like hooks on MISO/MOSI. Thought others might find it handy. It also includes the LED names and a gratuitous barcode since the project lacks a real logo.

Thanks for the link!

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  1. I would prefer the color sequence be reversed.
    Cause the probe cable from Seeedstudio has special connector for GND and +5V

  2. If I might make a suggestion, it would be really handy to show the location of each pin, for those of us who didn’t buy the cable.
    In other words, have two rows with the labels, and have the boxes for the colors in the middle.
    GND [Black][White] +3.3V
    +5V [Gray][Magenta] ADC
    Vpu [Blue][Green] AUX
    CLK [Yellow][Orange] MOSI
    CS [Red][Brown] MISO
    Great idea though — I’ll definitely print it out :)

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