Bus Pirate v3 preorder 2 broken LED fix

There have been multiple reports of dead MODE LEDs in Bus Pirate v3, preorder 2. The cause seems to be a dirty contact on the LED. Most can be repaired by reheating the joint, and possibly adding a bit more solder.

In response to this problem, Seeed Studio has changed LED suppliers. We also implemented a visual LED inspection step to the self-test in firmware v3.6 and later. If you have a dead LED and would like replacement parts, please contact us.

A note from Seeed follows.

Since some of previous MODE LED are reversed, we isolated manufacturing causes but regard the LEDs as defect supply. Either because of its soldering pad getting dirty or reliability issue. All future LEDs we are using are switched to a different supplier. If people demand replacement or spare parts, please help collect a list and we will send along. Sorry for the trouble brought!

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  1. Thanks for the info. I was wondering what is the problem with the led; sometimes it works and sometimes don’t.

  2. I’ve just found out my USB LED is reversed, but as it’s already in the shrink tube I will just live without it :) Maybe I’ll reverse it later when I get a proper case.

  3. Ah,, my bad it is fine then, I just never noticed it blink until now. You can remove my comment if you wish together with this reply.

  4. Out of 3 BP v3 [Preorder 2] I received last week, one had a not working USB LED. Heating up the solder points on both sides of the LED with an iron for just a brief moment fixed it.

    Ian, thnx for sending me the tip before I had even tested the boards. :)

  5. I just got my BP and the USB LED did not work. After checking the voltage and found it was good, I reheated the solder and it is now working perfectly.

    1. Grrr, I’m really sorry about that Rick. I’m really hoping they sent out the reserve stock of preorder 3 on first-come-first-serve basis, and that the same problem isn’t in the preorder 4 boards. Seeed used a different LED supplier and we implemented a test for defective LEDs. Again, I’m so sorry about the defective solder joint.

  6. My mode LED would not work in self test. I replaced it with an 085 Green Led from Mouser. I had a hard time getting the old one off. I used flux and REAL SOLDER (with some Lead in it). Now it is better. The solder used on these boards is NASTY! May be ROHS problem?
    Now I am having problems with Real Term Connecting?
    I see nothing when I plug or unplug the usb. Configuring for Self Test
    Real Term works? I just updated to V3.6?

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