USB remote control receiver #5 of 2009!

One of Ian’s projects featured at Hack a Day, a USB remote control receiver, was the 5th most popular project of 2009. We’re surprised the Bus Pirate didn’t make that list, but we’re proud of this project too. Our primary music and video player is a PC, we made this device because we needed it, and we use it daily to control Winamp and VLC.

This announcement is well-timed, as we’re currently putting the final touches on a new infrared receiver/transmitter toy. Look for this project in the next few weeks, but we’ll give away some prototype preview PCBs later today.

Thanks Hack a Day!

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  1. that’s always been an interesting project for me… Just the other day I had my home theatre PC case open because the inbuilt IR receiver was playing up, and I thought I’d get the chance to make one of these. Then I started looking for IR receivers and LEDs and found that they seem pretty hard to come by in Australia! Luckily I was able to clean out what I think was a faulty USB connection and the IR remote has gone back to working ok since. It’ll be interesting to see what your new toy is !

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