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  1. Interesting. Aside from remote configuration, my real use for custom network devices is to allow data collection via SNMP. Any thoughts on if we might be able to put a custom agent on that thing?
    Interfaces like the zport are really just serial-telnet, making data collection possible, but requiring scripting to collect/massage the data.

    1. SNMP is listed as one of the supported protocols. Nice. I was pretty disappointed by the early ethernet offerings.

      I’ll have to dig around to see if I can define custom mib oids or if they just have a built in tree that you have to use.

  2. Probably a PIC from 24FH series. I’m really interested, maybe selling this as a kit? As I can’t get most of the stuff used in here.

  3. Great, now there’s no need for designing my own :-) (I was going to do something like the webserver-on-a-business-card thing)

    This one looks like a “web buspirate on a business card” :-D

    Any info about the MCU and possible preorder date?

  4. This is more inline with what I thought the #Twatch was going to be like. Where I don’t like the idea of having a script running machine running to expand its capabilities. Shame theres not an LCD driver/header on this board as this would be what I wished for the #Twatch and more to be?

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