Bus Pirate firmware v3.0 released


Bus Pirate firmware v3.0 is available for download. This release has a new logic analyzer function, improvements to the SPI and I2C bus sniffers, and many bug fixes. See the commit log for a complete list of updates.

The download includes English, Spanish, and Italian language firmware for hardware v3, v2go, and v1a. We’ve stopped compiling firmware for v2a and v0a because nobody reported using them. If you want a compile for these versions, just ask.

There’s a list of major updates since the last release after the break.


  • Added backend for SUMP logic analyzer.
  • User terminal input buffer moded to bpconfig struct, shared with SUMP logic analyzer.
  • Added binary access to SPI and I2C sniffers
  • Improved SPI, I2C sniffers. Added a 4096byte ring buffer
  • Pull-up bit triggers AUX2 on v1a hardware in binary protocol modes
  • UART fixes (bridge auto clears overrun, turns off LED)
  • Binary mode added ADC and PWM access
  • Minor fixes

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