Bus Pirate v3 PCBs pass testing

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2009 in BP v3, Bus Pirate, Development by Ian


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This picture from our workbench shows the new Bus Pirate v3 (left) and the Bus Pirate v2go (right). The Bus Pirate V3 PCB arrived yesterday. We stuffed it last night, and it passed the self-test without incident.

V3 makes several improvements over the v2go design:

  • Uses more common SSOP size PIC 24FJ64GA002 microcontroller.
  • Bigger power supply traces and vias, better ground plane.
  • Optimized component placement.
  • Slightly smaller than v2go.
  • Corrected programming header to work with PICKIT.
  • USB LED aligned with other indicator LEDs.
  • Removed unnecessary resistor R18.
  • Centered USB connector.
  • Rotated IC3 for better clearance around I/O header.
  • Swapped +3.3V and ADC on I/O header for better pinout.
  • Colored PCB makes it easier to see the circuit.

There’s another detailed close-up picture after the break.


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7 Responses to “Bus Pirate v3 PCBs pass testing”

  1. Jonathan says:

    A new version announced before pre-orders for the previous version have even shipped? Kinda lame. -Jonathan

  2. Ian says:

    @Jonathan – The first two orders caused a worldwide shortage of the chip we used, we had to design a version using a more readily available size of the PIC 24F in the Bus Pirate. We won’t start accepting preorders for the new version until preorder 2 is shipped.

    I’m pretty sure this is how things happen ‘in the real world’, but with our prototypes you get to see it progress through prototyping to available product.

  3. Karolis says:

    I like the open and public access of this project ;)

  4. Shahriar says:


    Is this a Youtube comment section? What do you mean “lame”? Are 12 years old? If you had followed the blogs for this product you would know why this has happened.

  5. Barry Smith says:

    I have the Bus Pirate Vgo (from first preorder) and have updated to the latest firmware. Thanks for the I2C h/w and s/w options. I have found out the my board has one of those flaky-I2C PICs. At what point will the Bus Pirates all be using good h/w I2C PICs so it’s not a gamble on which version of the PIC is on the board when a board is ordered?

  6. Ian says:

    @Barry Smith – Actually, I’ve had several reports that the HW library will work on A3 chips, so it might be worth a try.

    I’m going to try to ensure that v3 only has rev4 chips, but I’m not sure if that will happen yet.

  7. Shahriar says:

    @ Ian

    Please do what you can to make sure that rev4 chips are used. It is certainly a worthwhile effort! Thanks!

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