Bus Pirate roundup


Here’s a roundup of our current Bus Pirate related posts.

Install and setup your Bus Pirate with our introductory Bus Pirate 101 guide. We’ve also updated the Bus Pirate menu, protocol, and syntax manual to match the latest hardware and firmware.

The most common issue for beginners is usually the Bus Pirate’s on-board pull-up resistors, there’s also more help in the unofficial Bus Pirate forum.

We have new 1-Wire, I2C, and SPI EEPROM demonstrations that use the latest Bus Pirate firmware and hardware. Try all three EEPROMs with our 3EEPROM explorer board. We include full logs of the terminal output so you don’t miss anything.

Use our firmware update guide to install the latest firmware (currently v2.0), don’t forget that most PICs can load the firmware much faster than the default setting. Linux, OSX, and Windows users can try the new Python firmware update script.

Not sure your Bus Pirate is working? Firmware v2.0+ includes a self-test that verifies most Bus Pirate functions.

Curious about the PIC chip revision on your Bus Pirate? The latest nightly firmware prints the device and version information in the terminal.

If you want to get your hands on a Bus Pirate, we’re nearly done with the Bus Pirate v3. V3 uses the SSOP version of the PIC24FJ64GA002, which will help avoid the shortage problems experienced at Hack a Day. You can also get a free Bus Pirate v2a PCB from us.

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