Updated miniscope oscilloscope release

miniscope turns your Bus Pirate into a low speed oscilloscope. A new version is available that supports slope trigger and continuous sampling modes. The developer made a convenient Bus Pirate miniscope download with just the essentials (7-zip format). We started a miniscope wiki page with basic setup details, please add your notes. Via the forum.

Miniscope v3 followup

Here’s a few followup comments to the miniscope oscillocope app support for the Bus Pirate. First a correction. Miniscope source is available under the GPL now, we got it wrong: Actually source code is available, take a look inside i.e. miniscope_v3_0_0_21.7z and bus_pirate_dll_20101016.7z 7-zip archives. It may be ugly but it’s quite mature and dll […]