Introducing ESPToy 1.2 (with Lua Firmware)

Ray Wang from RaysHobby has written an article on his ESPToy 1.2, a ESP8266 development board based on the Lua firmware: A little while back I released the very first version of ESPToy — a ESP8266 Development Board with a few useful on-board components like color LED, button, and temperature sensor. It has a built-in […]

First impression on HLK-RM04 serial-to-wifi module

Ray Wang wrote a blog post review of the Hi-Link HLK-RM04 Serial-to-WiFi module:  It’s a pretty easy-to-use and low-cost solution to add WiFi capability to Arduino or similar microcontroller boards. Basically it allows you to receive/send Ethernet buffers through serial RX/TX pins. Programming wise, it’s similar to using the standard Arduino Ethernet shield. The module can […]