Notacon 10 – DC to Daylight: A whirlwind tour of the radio spectrum

Ever wonder what’s going on in those portions of the spectrum outside the regular broadcast and public safety bands? This video from the just concluded Notacon 10 conference in Cleveland, OH, provides a summary of the radio spectrum assignments from the proverbial “DC to daylight”. This presentation by Stormgren concentrates on those radio frequency assignments […]

FCC adopts spread spectrum rules changes

According to the ARRL, the FCC has adopted changes to the rules governing the use of spread spectrum radio transmissions by US Amateur Radio operators. The rule changes, which take effect April 29, 2011, eliminate the requirement that amateur stations transmitting Spread Spectrum use Automatic Power Control (APC) to reduce transmitter power. This requirement proved […]

FCC launches beta of new website

The FCC has launched the beta version of its newly redesigned website. New tools for exploring spectrum allocation, radio frequency licenses, rules and more. According to their press release:This beta launch isn’t a beta in a traditional sense. will change again — and quickly. It’s an approach that’s fairly foreign to the way most […]

Get basic hardware info using FCC ID number

When reverse engineering RF related hardware, you may notice an FCC ID number on a placard near the device’s model and serial numbers. The first three letters of the ID represents the “Grantee Code”, and the remaining letters and numbers are the “Product Code”. By entering these two values in the FCC ID Search Form […]

Radio spectrum dashboard

The FCC has a unique and authoritative reference known as the Radio Spectrum Dashboard. It provides a public means of reviewing how spectrum bands are allocated and for what uses, and who holds licenses and in what areas. This version provides basic, plain language information about frequencies generally deemed appropriate for mobile broadband (225 MHz […]

UPDATE: FCC releases net neutrality Report and Order

The Federal Communications Commission today released the full text of the Report and Order containing the official net neutrality rules. What does this have to do with hacking, experimentation or embedded systems? With the move toward increased networking of the devices we develop and experiment with, it is important to know our rights to use […]