Video: Wireless Intrusion Detection System with Raspberry Pi

Chris Jenks presented at this weekend’s Circle City Con in Indianapolis, IN. Chris is a graduate from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Assurance. He works full time doing security audits, firewall design, network consulting, and troubleshooting. His Raspberry Pi WIDs was published in the Linux Journal in December 2014, and the talk is related to the article.

The hardware used in this project includes a Raspberry Pi model B+ or Pi 2 with Kali Linux installed on a 16gig SD; a TP-Link WN722N Wireless adapter; a portable switch; network cable, a laptop; and a Raspberry Pi power supply.

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  1. Okay, I’m not going to watch the vid, TL;DS, but the specs just shout “power consumption”. I wonder about the mains-down performance of this contraption…

    1. Why would you worry about the ‘mains-down’ performance? If the power is out, the network this thing is supposed to be monitoring for intrusions is almost certainly down as well…

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