Lantern: A New 925 MHz to 2175 MHz RTL2832U Based SDR for Satellite Reception

Our friends at are reporting on a new SDR based on the RTL2832u. “It is called the “Lantern” and is being developed for the Outernet project. The Outernet project aims to be a “library in the sky” satellite based service that will provide free access to daily downloads of data such as books, news, videos and other information. It’s goal is to provide people who may not have easy physical or uncensored access to the internet an easy way to access daily information.”

For more information and links, you can find the post on the blog.

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  1. @RohitG, Even if a site offers a one-way connection (e.g.’ UDP-based streaming), the chances are it would still require a two-way connection at least to acknowledge a connection state. Where a one-way Internet “everywhere” scheme may be helped by this inexpensive rx-only dongle is in connections where there is only a very slow connection available, like much of the developing world and/or hard to reach places.

  2. @drone Not so, this will be a dead drop sort of affair much more useful than you realise until you think about it, they claim for cheap to be able to sell slots to sponsors, this is a one way com scheme. If you can add an encrypted chunk to a commercial data block its the opposite of a burst transmitter. This is a need to understand tool in any wannabe operators tool kit, messages in a bottle that always get to the person you want them to, and no one can know they read them or not.

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